Erik Hoppenbrouwer


For more than 25 years, Erik held positions up to boardroom level in global compagnies and led successful transformations. He has a good understanding what it makes an organisation tick after working at Factories, Sales Offices and Headquarters in different countries. He had leading roles in turning around poor performing organisations, in building alliances, in acquisitions, in developing a European company into the global leader, in launching new products worldwide, in building networks with universities, in mentoring young professionals.

Through his own professional journey, working internationally with multi-disciplinary teams, he discovered that the success of the transformation is always within the people themselves. He believes in the power of every individual. That organisations excel when people can truly contribute with their knowlegde, expertise and passion in a safe environment.

In 2019 Erik founded The Key Co., which helps people, teams and organisations to unlock their full potential. The Key Co. facilitates the “why, what, how and its implementation” through tailored trainings, workshops and coaching sessions. This ensures that good intentions are converted into sustainable results.

Erik works with leaders who are willing to develop themselves and the people around them. They are people who seek challenging goals, who dare to enter untested waters, and who want to create a lasting impact. Leaders who know that there is so much potential to unlock but are unable to do that.

Erik is also a proud husband, father of two girls, tries to master the guitar, loves travelling, history and participating in sports.